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Transforming Imagination into Reality

The XR Stage

Step onto our XR Stage, a realm where the boundaries between the digital and the physical blur, creating exceptional opportunities for storytelling and visual effects.

Powered by the latest in Unreal Engine technology and advanced camera tracking, our XR Stage offers filmmakers and content creators the tools to bring the impossible to life. From intricate virtual landscapes to dynamic backdrops that react in real time, this space is designed to fuel creativity and innovation.

Here, your most ambitious projects find their home, supported by a platform that marries cinematic creativity with technological breakthroughs. Experience the future of production today on our XR Stage.

LED Volume Stage

Utilizing advanced technology, our expansive XR stage features a LED wall that is 40'x14' with 2.6mm pixel pitch, ceiling grid for mounting lights and rigging, and Unreal Engine. This setup empowers your team with the ability to effortlessly transition between various environments and scenes.

Virtual Environments

We leverage cutting-edge game engine technology, including Unreal Engine, in our virtual production and real-time pipeline, revolutionizing every phase of production. From swift visualization to virtual cinematography and in-camera visual effects, we’ll help you seamlessly produce on-set final shots and real-time rendering with advanced capabilities.

Camera Tracking

Camera tracking combines real-world camera movements with computer-generated environments using industry-leading technology, Mo-Sys. Sensors on the physical camera capture position and orientation data, which is seamlessly integrated into a virtual environment. This allows for the merging of live-action footage with digital elements in real-time, enhancing the visual storytelling with precise and dynamic camera motion tracking.

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