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Houston's Largest Virtual Production and Film Studio

Captiv Studios combines advanced technology and creative expertise to deliver captivating cinematic experiences. We specialize in virtual and film production, serving as a hub for creative gatherings and innovation in Houston. Join us to inspire and ignite change.
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Shaping the Future of Film

Beyond Spaces: We're Crafting a Community

Captiv Studios isn’t just a studio; it’s a catalyst for connection. In the heart of Houston, we connect film enthusiasts, creators, and industry pros into a single powerhouse. We’re transforming the game by blending creativity with technology, sparking innovation and collaboration. Our platform is more than a space—it’s a movement towards a future where every project amplifies creativity and unity. Let’s make Houston the epicenter of film innovation, where each endeavor brightens the future of cinema.

Our Vision

We envision transforming Houston into a global hub for film innovation and production. Our goal is to catalyze a movement that propels Texas to the forefront of the industry, inspiring a new era of filmmaking.

Our Mission

To empower filmmakers through top-tier virtual production services, Captiv Studios offers unparalleled support and innovative technologies. We provide our clients the tools and expertise needed to revolutionize their storytelling and visual presentations, fostering a competitive edge in a dynamic industry.

Co-Create: Spark Collaboration

Co-Create at Captiv Studios is where innovation thrives on collaboration. Designed for creatives, professionals, and enthusiasts, our space fuels groundbreaking ideas by bringing together diverse talents. With workshops, resources, and partnership opportunities, we aim to advance skills and cultivate a community to redefine the film industry. Join us to shape the cinematic future, together.

About Us

Revolutionizing Film Production in Houston, Texas

Welcome to Captiv Studios — the pinnacle of film and virtual production in Houston, TX. Here, creativity meets technology in a state-of-the-art space designed for high-end projects and transformative brand experiences. We’re not just a studio; we’re a community hub for creatives, a catalyst for innovation, and a movement dedicated to making Houston the next big film destination. Join us in shaping the future of film and content creation. Let’s create the impossible, together!

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Trust the professionals to get stunning results

What We Offer

Home to Houston's Most Advanced Virtual Production

A person in a Mandalorian costume stands on a desert-themed set with props.

XR Stage

Step onto our XR Stage, where our cutting-edge LED volume, powered by Unreal Engine and advanced camera tracking, unlocks the potential to craft content that transcends the boundaries of reality.
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The Cyclorama

Discover the versatility of our Cyclorama, offering you the choice between a pristine white or vibrant green cyc wall, or any color that fits your creative vision in the moment.
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The Warehouse

Explore the possibilities in The Warehouse, our expansive 10,000 square foot, fully air-conditioned space designed for set construction and content production. Now available to rent!
Two filmmakers discussing a scene beside a camera on a tripod at a film event.


Fostering innovation through collaboration, our learning hub is designed for creatives, professionals, and enthusiasts to connect, share insights, and push the future of film forward.
Close-up of a RED cinema camera mounted on professional filming equipment.

Equipment Rentals

Unlock your project's full potential with our comprehensive equipment rentals. From advanced lighting setups, essential grip and electric gear, to state-of-the-art camera department tools, we've got everything you need to elevate your production.
Speaker presenting at Captiv Studios Event Space Rental in Houston

Event Rentals

Elevate your next event at Captiv Studios, where versatility meets innovation. Whether it's a corporate gathering, creative workshop, art exhibition, or a confidential market research project, our studio offers the ideal setting.
Discover the Captiv Difference

Not Just a Studio - A Creative Powerhouse

At the heart of Houston’s film scene lies a studio unlike any other – a place where the lines between owner and creator blur. We are CREATIVES first, studio owners second. This unique perspective enriches our understanding of production from the inside out, allowing us to offer unparalleled support and insight into every project that comes through our doors. Choose us for a partnership that elevates your vision beyond the conventional, into the extraordinary.

Advanced Virtual Production

Harness the future of filmmaking with our cutting-edge virtual production capabilities, where technology and imagination converge to create stunning, immersive realities.

Creative Collaboration

Dive into a collaborative ecosystem that thrives on the exchange of ideas, fostering creative partnerships that push boundaries and elevate projects to new heights.

Production Partner

Count on us as your dedicated production ally, offering comprehensive support from pre-production through to post, ensuring your vision comes to life with precision and flair.

Visionary Leadership

Be inspired by leaders who not only foresee the future of content creation but actively shape it, guiding projects with foresight, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

How It Works

Bringing your ideas to life through motion.

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Embark on a guided tour of our state-of-the-art facilities and discover firsthand the endless possibilities that await at Captiv Studios.

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Gain access to our competitive pricing structures, designed to accommodate projects of all sizes without compromising on quality or creativity.

Film Equipment Rental in Houston
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Seamlessly secure your spot in our innovative production environment, where your project will find the tools and space it needs to flourish.

Experience the Wonder

Step into the world of Captiv Studios, where every production becomes a journey of creativity, innovation, and unparalleled visual storytelling.


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Our sister company has all the people and resources for a full-production project!.


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