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Every Project Begins With a Simple Idea. Let Us Be the Place Where That Idea Comes to Life

The power to create the impossible

A Studio Beyond Imagination

Welcome to Captiv Studios, where innovation and creativity intersect in a space designed for the creators of tomorrow.

Our studio is more than a location—it’s a catalyst for transforming visionary concepts into compelling realities. With unparalleled resources and an environment crafted for excellence, we set a new benchmark for what a creative space can achieve, ensuring your projects not only succeed but also inspire.

XR Stage

Experience the pinnacle of virtual production with our XR Stage, where cutting-edge LED technology and camera tracking converge to craft immersive realities previously deemed impossible.


Our versatile Cyclorama offers the ultimate backdrop flexibility, measuring 30 feet wide, 25 feet deep, and 16 feet tall. Whether you need pristine white, vibrant green, or any color in between, our cyc walls adapt to match your creative vision perfectly.

The Warehouse

Discover boundless potential in the warehouse, our spacious, fully air-conditioned environment designed for set building and content production, offering 10,000 square feet of creative playground.

Film crew prepares a scene with a camera and a vehicle in a dimly lit warehouse.

Transform Your Vision into Reality: Book Your Space Today

Elevate your next project by taking advantage of the unparalleled capabilities at Captiv Studios. Whether you’re bringing to life an immersive virtual experience, crafting the perfect scene against our Cyclorama, or utilizing the vast expanse of The Warehouse for your set, we have the space to meet your needs. Don’t just dream about the possibilities—make them your reality. Contact us now to secure your spot and start creating with no limits.

Boundless Backgrounds

Unleash Creativity with Our Dynamic Cyclorama

Step into a world where your backdrop adapts as swiftly as your imagination. Our dynamic Cyclorama offers unparalleled versatility for filmmakers and photographers, enabling seamless transitions and endless color possibilities to complement any scene. Crafted for those who refuse to be constrained by the ordinary, it’s the perfect canvas for creators aiming to make a bold statement or achieve the most subtle nuances in their visual storytelling.

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The warehouse

Explore the Infinite Potential of Our Space

Unlock creative freedom in our 10,000 square foot, fully air-conditioned warehouse, designed with flexibility at its core. This versatile space is perfect for any project, offering ample room for setups, events, and productions of all sizes. Its strategic layout encourages creative exploration, making it an ideal venue for bringing your most ambitious ideas to life.

Fully Air-Conditioned

Enjoy comfort and control over your creative environment, no matter the weather outside, ensuring your team and projects stay cool under pressure.

10,000 Square Feet

Space is no longer a constraint. Our vast warehouse offers endless possibilities to configure as you see fit, from expansive set designs to intricate event layouts.

Production Suite

Enhance your production value with access to our comprehensive support facilities, including a large green room, a dedicated hair & makeup area, and a conference room. Each space is equipped with all the essentials needed for prepping and perfecting appearances, ensuring a smooth and professional environment for your creative projects.

Flexible Use & Creative Exploration

Our adaptable space is your canvas. Transform it to suit photo shoots, film productions, or any event, with the freedom to explore and execute your vision.

How It Works

Bringing your ideas to life through motion.

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Embark on a guided tour of our state-of-the-art facilities and discover firsthand the endless possibilities that await at Captiv Studios.

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Gain access to our competitive pricing structures, designed to accommodate projects of all sizes without compromising on quality or creativity.

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Seamlessly secure your spot in our innovative production environment, where your project will find the tools and space it needs to flourish.

Experience Wonder

Step into the world of Captiv Studios, where every production becomes a journey of creativity, innovation, and unparalleled visual storytelling.


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